Our In-Person Mode feature allows you to use your online registration website to accept registrations in person, for example in your office or at a live registration session. Using the online system for your in-person registrations saves you from having to collect numerous paper forms and manually enter them into the system.

The registration site will look and function almost exactly the way it normally would if someone registered from home, except the registrant will be given the option to pay by cash/check at the end of the process.  If they choose this option, they can then hand you their payment on the spot and you can record the payment through the Admin dashboard, which will mark them as registered.

Enabling In-Person Mode

In order to use In-Person Mode, it must be enabled separately on each computer or device that will be used for registrations.  Follow the steps below for EACH computer or device you want to allow your members to use during your in-person registration session.

  1. On the computer you wish to open to your members, log in to your LeaguePilot Admin dashboard.
  2. Click the "In-Person Mode" link under the Settings section.
  3. Click the button that says "Enable In Person Mode on the device".
  4. Once you confirm your choice, a message will pop up asking if you want to log out of the Admin dashboard.  We recommend you do this so that nobody who uses the computer after you can get into the Admin dashboard.
  5. Return to the main registration site and you should see a note near the top of the page showing "In Person Mode".  You can then allow your members to use that device for registration.
  6. Repeat the above steps for any other computers/devices you wish to enable for in-person registrations.